August 2020

mtatsminda park, tbilisi

Mtatsminda park, tbilisi, georgia This vlog is about Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi Georgia. With this channel HowzDatPlace is bascially How is that place, we are trying to answer your all questions about perticular place. In this video we have tried… Read More »mtatsminda park, tbilisi


Introduction to Georgia Introduction to georgia Through this Introduction Georgia vlog, we tried to answer your questions about Georgia, Tourism, Safety, Study, Culture, Language.This vlog is telling you about place Georgia in general, what is good and why it is good. It… Read More »Introduction to Georgia

liberty square

Liberty square, Tbilsi , Georgia Liberty Square also known as Freedom Square is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Tbilisi. The main reason behind popularity of this place is it is very near to old town. There are… Read More »liberty square