Dashbashi Canyon, Georgia, Tourist Spot

Dashbashi Canyon, which is hidden tourist spot. I mean to say it is not yet that famous. Place is beautiful and the way to Dashbashi is also full of beautiful landscapes. Dashbashi canon is located at 100 km south west from Tbilisi, in Georgia.

Dashbashi Canyon Natural Monument is near Dashbashi village, 3 km from small town of Tsalka, Dashbashi Canyon was created by erosion in volcanic plateau. Canyon is about 7 km long. Dashbashi is located around 100 km southwest from Tbilisi. Dashbashi canyon is naturally formed by volcano. It has beautiful landscapes Dashbashi Canyon is known for its waterfalls, that provide chill in the summer. Dashbashi Waterfall takes exotic emerald color and forms dozens of frozen waterfalls in the winter. In waterfall vicinity it is also warmer in the winter than in nearby Tsalka and Dashbashi village.

In this video we talk to local people and also MBBS student Dhyey (JD) who is also joining us as Vlogger now. You can also check his Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu8TcSjgxTy/?igshid=1uk98jax6cq2o.
We are thankful to all of them. 

The only transportation mode for Dashbashi canyon is car or taxi.

We observed only two fuel pump on this route so make sure to fill fuel when you plan for dashbashi.

Presently there is only one Georgian Restaurant we found there so also suggest you to carry food along with you.

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