New Immigration Rules for legal stay in Georgia 2021 (Hindi)

  1. A new definition of “family member”, yes so far there was not mentioned about the age of child now as per new definition mentioned only “MINOR” child will be considered as a family member. Adjust children are now excluded from the scope. So in case if you are applying for a family reunion visa or residence card you can’t apply for your adult children anymore.
  2. The D5 category visa or temporary residence cardholder means for those who invested in real estate property in the territory of Georgia with a market value of more than or equivalent to 100,000 USD, can NOT apply visa or residence card for their parents on an investment basis. Still, they can apply visa or residence for their child and spouse. In this visa type now you will be granted only one-year residence
  3. Now you can not apply for residence as a foreigner even if you are legally present in Georgia on basis of extension.
  4. The residence permit will be no issue to a person entering Georgia with a “C Category” visa or any eligible residence permit. This means if you are a foreigner from any country and entering Georgia with any type of visitor or tourist visa equivalent residence permit you can not apply for a Residence permit. Please clearly understand this rule now if you enter Georgia with a residence permit of any other country like Dubai, Qatar, EU country with which you are allowed to enter and stay up to 90 Days legally but you can not apply for a residence permit with that card or Visa. In this case, there are few exceptions like victims of trafficking and victims of domestic violence, investment residence permit.
  5. Now you can extend your temporary residence permit up to 12 years but not more than 12 years. As per previous law, it was 6years and after 6 years you have to apply for PR but now you can extend it up to 12 years
  6. About taking PR, now if you are legally living in Georgia for 10 years then only you are eligible to apply for PR in place of 6 years. Yes formally it was 6 years now is changed to 10 years.
  7. Now an asylum seeker will not be considered as a legal resident person to apply for a residence permit.
  8. As per amendment now if any residence holder found convicted in any kind of criminal offence, in general, can be a reason for refusing or termination of residence permit. Formally it was applied only for aggravated crimes.
  9. Now authority to Public service development agency is increased and they are allowed to visiting the place, inspecting it, and interviewing the relevant persons to verify and check any document provided in residence card application for any purpose.
  10. The decision of the authorized body on the expulsion of a foreigner from Georgia also becomes a new ground for refusal of a residence permit
  11. First time any residence permit will be issued for the period of 6 month to 1 year. Only in some exceptional cases it could be issued for the period of up to 5 years for the first time. As per the previous rule it was for 1 year to 6 year.

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