Immigration rules for legal stay in Georgia 2021 English

https://youtu.be/KtwVFniBS9Y http://tdi.ge/en/news/935-new-changes-law-georgia-legal-status-aliens-and-stateless-persons https://sda.gov.ge/?page_id=11645 ​ 1. A new definition of “family member”, yes so far there was not mentioned about the age of child now as per new definition mentioned only “MINOR” child will be considered as a family member. Adjust… Read More »Immigration rules for legal stay in Georgia 2021 English

Immigration Lawyer

https://youtu.be/o261pVHubRY This video is about one of the reliable immigration lawyer from our known sources in Tbilisi Georgia. Tiona is one of the reputed lawyer in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is honest, genuine, frandly, reliable, trust worthy, immigration consultant and lawyer… Read More »Immigration Lawyer