Shumi Winery (wine factory) QuickTour, Georgia

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In this video we are visiting Shumi Winery (Wine factory) which is one of the most famous and reputed wine and chacha manufacturing company in Georgia. They are located near Telavi which is in kakheti region of Georgia. We are really gratful and thanking from our heart to Shumi management and team for the precious time they spend with us and explain the process and allow us to visit their factory. This video is just quick tour of or next video of full visit and detail explaination and disucssion with Shumi team and management. In this video we are answering few quick questions about making wine in Gerogia is not only traditional but proffessional skill as well. Also we are showing process and visit of Shumi winery. This is strong recommendation to toursit to visit any winery while they travel to Georgia for first time.

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